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ww-cover-00The whole DC Universe catalog is magnificent and ‘Wonder Woman’ (2009) is no acception to the rule. The big budget, summer blockbusters should be adopted directly from these stories (and tone down the cgi a bit). Superman was terrible… I digress…

No long discussion on this one other than to say that the all-star cast is amazing and this is a great vision of the character’s origin story.  Hey, it’s Wonder Woman, what more do you need

P.S. Please go to the end & read the ‘P.S.’… Thanx…

ww-cover-01 ww-cover-02 ww-cover-03
ww-cover-04 ww-cover-05 ww-cover-06
  • Keri Russell as Princess Diana of Themyscira / Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  • Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor
  • Alfred Molina as Ares
  • Rosario Dawson as Artemis
  • Marg Helgenberger as Hera
  • Oliver Platt as Hades
  • Virginia Madsen as Hippolyta
  • Skye Arens as Little Girl
  • John DiMaggio as Deimos, Homeless Man
  • Julianne Grossman as Etta Candy
  • Vicki Lewis as Persephone
  • David McCallum as Zeus
  • Jason Miller as Thrax, Gang Leader
  • Rick Overton as Slick, POTUS
  • Andrea Romano as Presidental Adviser
  • Tara Strong as Alexa
  • Bruce Timm as Attacker

As a picture is worth a 1,000 words… Wonder Woman in pictures… (Chronologically 🙂 )

ww-screens-01 ww-screens-02 ww-screens-03 ww-screens-04
ww-screens-05 ww-screens-06 ww-screens-07 ww-screens-08
ww-screens-09 ww-screens-10 ww-screens-11 ww-screens-12
ww-screens-13 ww-screens-14 ww-screens-15 ww-screens-16
ww-screens-17 ww-screens-18 ww-screens-19 ww-screens-20
ww-screens-21 ww-screens-22 ww-screens-23 ww-screens-24
ww-screens-25 ww-screens-26 ww-screens-27 ww-screens-28
ww-screens-29 ww-screens-30 ww-screens-31 ww-screens-32
ww-screens-33 ww-screens-34 ww-screens-35 ww-screens-36
ww-screens-37 ww-screens-38 ww-screens-39 ww-screens-40

girl cryingww-worstOMG! Someone sent me the unaired NBC “Wonder Woman” pilot from 2011 starring Adrianne Palicki. It was without a doubt the worst 41min+41sec I have spent in recent memory (& I remember the cheesy reruns from the late 70’s, early 80’s). Holy crap, to think they could screw it up any more. This makes the Bionic Woman update look like Miami Vice! No kidding!…

Wiki Wiki Wonder Woman 1.4

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