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Game, Set, Match! La Perla…

La Perla 14 Sets-00Want to play a game? Why not fill your drawers with an entire set of lingerie instead of just cherry picking a piece or two? So, go out and match up some wonderful pieces of lingerie from the current line of “La Perla”

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New La Perla Bodysuits…

laperla bodysuits 14-00If I hold up my little fingers and count off the worlds finest lingerie, “La Perla” definitely makes the cut. So, put your hands down and enjoy these magnificent bodysuits now available in La Perla’s Fall 2014 collection.

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La Perla Swimwear 2013…

La Perla Swim 13-00Selections from the “La Perla 2013 Swimwear Line“. Way too expensive for my tastes but absolutely beautiful nonetheless. I’d easily drop $300 on a pair of shoes but not a bikini (not to say I’d look a gift horse in the mouth though!)

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