Domo Arigato… Kimonos!…

Domo Arigato... Kimonos!... The word “kimono” which means a “thing to wear” denotes a full-length robe worn for important festivals or formal occasions, and is associated with politeness and good manners. In my book, a kimono is an essential element in any good cup of coffee

What? Bear with me… Okay, as the leaves change, it’s getting chilly. You arise at the crack of dawn and if you’re anything like me, you dread the chill outside your cozy covers. But you need coffee! Jump up, slip on your kimono, and go grind the beans… Hence, an essential element in any good cup of coffee… To come full circle, after a long day in the mines, nothing soothes the soul (and the skin) like a silky smooth kimono robe and a great glass of wine!

Alas, I give you a wonderful selection of oriental inspired options, plus, a few suggestions for something slinky to slip on underneath…

  • Carine Gilson Short Kimono
  • Carine Gilson Classic Style Camisole
  • Carine Gilson Long Kimono
  • Carine Gilson Lace Insert Camisole
  • Fleur Du Mal Georgette Wrap Kimono
  • Fleur Du Mal Haori Kimono
  • Fleur Du Mal Rose Lace Cami
  • Folies By Renaud Feather Trim Sheer Robe
  • Folies By Renaud Feather Trim Sheer Poncho
  • Folies By Renaud Carla Noir Babydoll Slip
  • Belle Et Bon Bon Bisoux Kimono
  • Belle Et Bon Bon Nymph Asymmetrical Dress
  • Dolci Follie Lace Kimono Robe
  • La Perla Maison Camisole
  • La Perla Maison Culotte
  • Ikonostas Butterfly Kimono
  • Dolce & Gabbana Lace Trim Camisole
  • Gilda & Pearl Timorous Beasties Kimono
  • Gilda & Pearl Gilda Camisole
  • Gilda & Pearl Diana Kimono
  • Gilda & Pearl Hour Before Dawn Kimono
  • Gilda & Pearl Harlow Babydoll
  • Gilda & Pearl Lovers Of Montparnasse Babydoll

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