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fiore-fw13-golden-01I love ‘Fiore’! (recently added to my Hosiery Shopping area) Fiore is one of the most dynamically developing hosiery manufacturers in Poland and Central Europe with over 120 different products for ladies and girls offered in a wide range of colors & sizes.

Created in 1998, the company from the very beginning believes in the same strategy of combining the high quality of the products with prices that remain affordable to everyone. The company was also one of the very first Polish hosiery producers to receive the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate. Commitment to quality has always been the basis for the company’s strategy and success.

Fiore offers six different lines:

  • Classic – Elegant & comfortable tights, pantyhose, stockings & socks for everyday & evening wear.
  • Golden Line – Sensuous patterned tights, hold-ups & stockings perfect to finish off any ensemble.
  • Elite – Top quality hosiery products, made of the best materials & most advanced technologies.
  • Obsession – A range of sexy & sensuous stockings, hold-ups, body stockings & tights.
  • Medica – A variety of tights designed to correct the imperfections of a woman’s figure.
  • Young Lady – A line of cheerful & durable tights designed for girls.

Before you put your tablet down, peruse the ‘Fiore Rajstopy A/W 2012 -2013 Catalog’… You’ll sleep like a bell and wake up in the morning having dreamt of Fiore throughout the night. Ahhhhhh, Sleeping in on Sunday’s…

fiore-fw13-golden-02 fiore-fw13-golden-03 fiore-fw13-golden-04
fiore-fw13-golden-05 fiore-fw13-golden-06 fiore-fw13-golden-07
fiore-fw13-golden-08 fiore-fw13-golden-09 fiore-fw13-golden-10
fiore-fw13-golden-11 fiore-fw13-golden-12 fiore-fw13-golden-13
fiore-fw13-golden-14 fiore-fw13-golden-15 fiore-fw13-golden-16
fiore-fw13-golden-17 fiore-fw13-golden-18 fiore-fw13-golden-19
fiore-fw13-golden-20 fiore-fw13-golden-21 fiore-fw13-golden-22
fiore-fw13-golden-23 fiore-fw13-golden-24 fiore-fw13-golden-25
fiore-fw13-golden-26 fiore-fw13-golden-27 fiore-fw13-golden-28
fiore-fw13-golden-29 fiore-fw13-golden-30 fiore-fw13-golden-31
fiore-fw13-golden-32 fiore-fw13-golden-33 fiore-fw13-golden-34
fiore-fw13-golden-35 fiore-fw13-golden-36 fiore-fw13-golden-37
fiore-fw13-golden-38 fiore-fw13-golden-39 fiore-fw13-golden-40
fiore-fw13-golden-41 fiore-fw13-golden-42 fiore-fw13-golden-43
fiore-fw13-golden-44 fiore-fw13-golden-45 fiore-fw13-golden-46
fiore-fw13-golden-47 fiore-fw13-golden-48 fiore-fw13-golden-49

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