Fiore 2015 Golden Line…

Fiore SS15 GL-00Fantastic, fun, fashionable, funky, fresh new Fiore from the “2015 Golden Line!” Use your legs to make a statement for Pete’s sake!

What a wonderful selection from Fiore of Poland. I’ve chosen a few of my favorite styles but check out their website for the full line. I’ve also given you a link (all the way at the bottom) to their Spring-Summer 2015 catalog.

So, be different that the girl sitting next to you and spice up your legs with some of the world’s most fantastic fashion legwear… Oh and don’t forget those heels!…

Fiore SS15 GL-01 Fiore SS15 GL-02 Fiore SS15 GL-03
Fiore SS15 GL-04 Fiore SS15 GL-05 Fiore SS15 GL-06
Fiore SS15 GL-07 Fiore SS15 GL-08 Fiore SS15 GL-09
Fiore SS15 GL-10 Fiore SS15 GL-11 Fiore SS15 GL-12
Fiore SS15 GL-13 Fiore SS15 GL-14 Fiore SS15 GL-15
Fiore SS15 GL-16 Fiore SS15 GL-17 Fiore SS15 GL-18
Fiore SS15 GL-19 Fiore SS15 GL-20 Fiore SS15 GL-21
  • Alani 20den
  • Fresia 20den
  • Genesa 20den
  • Gemira 20den
  • Livia 60den
  • Faustina 20den
  • Edvige 20den
  • Cesaria 40den
  • Marisa 20den
  • Palladia 20den
  • Iness 20den
  • Lorna 20den
  • Oxana 60den
  • Isidora 20den
  • Calypso Net
  • Aurelia 60den
  • Alissa 40den
  • Cecilla 20den
  • Amari 20den
  • Tiberia 20den
  • Zelia 60den

Here’s The Catalog…

Fiore SS15 GL-22

Available From Fiore

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