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leggy-threads-00We all have to work with what the good Lord gave us, but at 5’10” it can sometimes be a challenge to find career clothing (not to mention shoes!) that work. For the vertically blessed, I give you “Leggy Threads.”

leggy-threads-55“Leggy Threads design and manufacture on-trend exclusive luxury British clothes for women 5ft 9” and above that struggle to find luxury clothes that fit perfectly. They believe that all tall Women should have a choice of beautiful, British made, luxury clothes to fit their frame perfectly, where the waist of the garment sits on their waist (and not under their arm pits) and the dimensions flatter and sculpt the taller/longer limbed figure.”

leggy-threads-56“They proudly source all of their fabrics and accessories from top UK suppliers, from hand dyed buttons to beautiful laces, silks and cottons. All of their garments are designed and manufactured in the UK. They supply their lovely, tall customers with the highest standards of British quality, attention to detail and personal touch they would expect from an exclusive luxury British clothing brand.”

“Leggy Threads was created by Sarah Stoker, a 6ft tall professional business woman (and mother of 4 year old twin girls) who has spent her life on a mission to find the right fit for on-trend luxury clothing, deciding to set up her own exclusive luxury label in 2014. Sarah’s mission for the brand is to work closely with its customers to produce the most beautiful, timeless luxury clothes made from the most beautiful fabrics, and made by the very best of British manufacturers to ensure that they exceed their customers expectations in delivering this to the door seamlessly, creating the “Leggy Threads Experience”.

leggy-threads-01 leggy-threads-02 leggy-threads-03 leggy-threads-04
leggy-threads-05 leggy-threads-06 leggy-threads-07 leggy-threads-08
leggy-threads-09 leggy-threads-10 leggy-threads-11 leggy-threads-12
leggy-threads-13 leggy-threads-14 leggy-threads-15 leggy-threads-16
leggy-threads-17 leggy-threads-18 leggy-threads-19 leggy-threads-20
leggy-threads-21 leggy-threads-22 leggy-threads-23 leggy-threads-24
leggy-threads-25 leggy-threads-26 leggy-threads-27 leggy-threads-28
leggy-threads-29 leggy-threads-30 leggy-threads-31 leggy-threads-32
leggy-threads-33 leggy-threads-34 leggy-threads-35 leggy-threads-36
leggy-threads-37 leggy-threads-38 leggy-threads-39 leggy-threads-40
leggy-threads-41 leggy-threads-42 leggy-threads-43 leggy-threads-44
leggy-threads-45 leggy-threads-46 leggy-threads-47 leggy-threads-48
leggy-threads-49 leggy-threads-50 leggy-threads-51
leggy-threads-52 leggy-threads-53 leggy-threads-54

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