Paladini Spring-Summer 2014 Lingerie…

Paladini SS14-00Perpetual elegance. A formula that expresses the philosophy of “Paladini Lingerie”. Luxury is no longer a fantasy for special occasions, but a daily privilege that enhances the femininity of every woman.

The Gianantonio Paladini collections draw inspiration from the great tradition of Italian lingerie reworked to achieve contemporary, updated designs. Fabrics are some of the most precious designed for the greatest comfort on any occasion, whether for day or night.

Every women will appreciate the care in details, the skilled workmanship and the finishing touches that make these piece truly special, as beautiful to own as they are to wear.

Paladini SS14-01 Paladini SS14-02 Paladini SS14-03
Paladini SS14-04 Paladini SS14-05 Paladini SS14-06
Paladini SS14-07 Paladini SS14-08 Paladini SS14-09
Paladini SS14-10 Paladini SS14-11 Paladini SS14-12

Paladini Lingerie

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