Marilyn 2014 Lux Line…

Marilyn Lux14-00Exclusive hosiery that provides pure luxury, the 2014 “Marilyn Lux Hosiery Line” uses only the most carefully selected materials, precise workmanship and elegant design to make your legs look gorgeous. Silky smooth, cashmere softness and perfect fit guarantee the highest level of satisfaction, quality & style…

Marilyn Lux14-01 Marilyn Lux14-02 Marilyn Lux14-03 Marilyn Lux14-04
Marilyn Lux14-05 Marilyn Lux14-06 Marilyn Lux14-07 Marilyn Lux14-08
  • Cashmere 200
  • Art Deco 20
  • Naked 40
  • Hold-Ups 40
  • Make-Up 10
  • Make-Up Hold-Ups 10
  • Naked 20
  • Satinelle 80

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