Marilyn F/W 14-15 Collection…

marilyn fw1415-00Hot off the presses and onto your legs comes the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Collection from “Marilyn Hosiery” of Poland. So, if you’re not too busy visiting the Marie Curie museum or picking up some old Basia records, grab yourself some tights, stockings or both!

Marilyn was established in Poland in 1992 and offers many ranges including their classic and seasonal fashion lines, and the exclusive Lux Line. The company successfully operates over 30 retail brand shops located in the largest Polish cities including Warsaw, Lódz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Kraków. In addition to the Polish market, Marilyn’s hosiery is sold globally in major markets such as Germany, Italy, Ireland, France, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania and the US.

marilyn fw1415-01 marilyn fw1415-02 marilyn fw1415-03 marilyn fw1415-04
marilyn fw1415-05 marilyn fw1415-06 marilyn fw1415-07 marilyn fw1415-08
marilyn fw1415-09 marilyn fw1415-10 marilyn fw1415-11 marilyn fw1415-12
marilyn fw1415-13 marilyn fw1415-14 marilyn fw1415-15 marilyn fw1415-16
marilyn fw1415-17 marilyn fw1415-18 marilyn fw1415-19 marilyn fw1415-20
marilyn fw1415-21 marilyn fw1415-22 marilyn fw1415-23 marilyn fw1415-24
marilyn fw1415-25 marilyn fw1415-26 marilyn fw1415-27 marilyn fw1415-28

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