Marilyn Spring Summer 2014 Collection…

marilynSS14-00And, if you happen to miss out on anything from last year, dive feet first into the 2014 Spring-Summer collection from “Marilyn Hosiery.” Surely, one of Poland’s greatest gifts to the world (after Chopin of course!)…

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marilynSS14-25 marilynSS14-26 marilynSS14-27
  • Allure D20elegant tights with subtle ankle patterns
  • Ombre C19hand dyed, opaque tights with gradual ombre shading
  • Charly D07Chic fishnet tights with decorative ribbons
  • Emmy D01floral tights
  • Emmy D02floral tights
  • Emmy D03elegant tights with decorative ankle applications
  • Emmy D09elegant suspender tights
  • Emmy D18chic sheer tights with leopard print back seams
  • Flores D06seductive tights on a grid pattern
  • Flores D12elegant tights with sexy back seams
  • Natti D04seductive leopard print tights
  • Natti D10elegant tights with decorative back patterns
  • Natti D17elegant suspender tights
  • Nicolle D17chic tights with a subtle pattern
  • Stella D11chic fashionable jacquard tights
  • Stella D13chic tights with seductive back seams
  • Stella D15chic tights with a jacquard finish
  • Zazu D05tights with a knee-high effect
  • Zazu D08over the knee tights with decorative back seams
  • Velour D74 Leggingssilky smooth floral print velvet leggings
  • Velour D75 Leggingssilky smooth oriental print velvet leggings
  • Ombre D77 Leggingsombre effect, gradual shading leggings
  • Cotton D72 Leggingsopaque body shaping leggings
  • Cotton ZIP D73 Leggingssport leggings with lower zippers
  • Slim B25 Leggingsflexible, high waist opaque leggings
  • Jenifer B22 Leggingssleek metallic sheen leggings
  • Classic B57 Leggingsflexible, opaque leggings

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