Fashions Of A Decade: The 1980’s…

Decade-00When I was little, “Fashions Of A Decade” was one of my first books about fashion. Even today, my sense of style is still shaped by these 64 pages.  I recently thumbed through it and I feel like a kid again…

A few selected entries that many of you might recognize for yourselves. Gosh, I miss the 80’s!…

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  • Fashions Of A Decade: The 1980’s (Fashions Of A Decade #7)
  • Publisher: Chelsea House
  • Author: Vicky Carnegy
  • Table of Contents:
  • 1. Romantics, Pirates and Princes
  • 2. Power Dressing: The City Slicker and the New Woman
  • 3. Cut, Shape and Drape
  • 4. Bizarre and Absurd
  • 5. Hip-Hop, House and After
  • 6. Second Skin: Design in New Fabrics
  • 7. Retro Fever
  • 8. Looking Forward: Into the Nineties

“One in a series of eight books updated and revised, the 1980’s edition follows fashions through the decade, juxtaposing its trends and influences with events of the day. The 1980’s is characterized in the introduction as a move away from the liberalism of the 60’s and 70’s into a more fiscally, socially, and politically conservative time period. The word “yuppy” described a spirit of “hard work and individual responsibility,” as evidenced by a return of glamour and a focus on wealth rather than the youth culture. The subsequent eight chapters focus on the social and cultural by-products of the obsession with wealth by discussing details of fashion, such as power dressing, a return to a romantic look, the bizarre and absurd, and so on. The chapter text is well researched but has a more limited view of the decade than earlier editions, relying largely on pop culture. Overall, the appealing layouts’ use of text, photos, illustrations, and boxed highlights will grab young readers’ attention. A chronology, glossary, and an index are included.”

Fashions Of A Decade

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