Gerbe 2012 Brochure…

gerbe brochure-00Being a corporate girl I read my share of annual reports but certainly none as impressive as this magnificent publication from Gerbe. A beautiful combination of art and fashion. I suggest you buy stock, if not stockings!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what one would do with a gem like this, I use mine in the rotation of coffee table books I put on the table in my office. I only wish I could find a hardcover copy… Absolutely stunning – check it out…

gerbe brochure-01 gerbe brochure-02 gerbe brochure-03 gerbe brochure-04
gerbe brochure-05 gerbe brochure-06 gerbe brochure-07 gerbe brochure-08
gerbe brochure-09 gerbe brochure-10 gerbe brochure-11 gerbe brochure-12
gerbe brochure-13 gerbe brochure-14 gerbe brochure-15 gerbe brochure-16
gerbe brochure-17 gerbe brochure-18 gerbe brochure-19 gerbe brochure-20
gerbe brochure-21 gerbe brochure-22 gerbe brochure-23 gerbe brochure-24
gerbe brochure-25 gerbe brochure-26 gerbe brochure-27 gerbe brochure-28
gerbe brochure-29 gerbe brochure-30 gerbe brochure-31 gerbe brochure-32
gerbe brochure-33 gerbe brochure-34 gerbe brochure-35 gerbe brochure-36
gerbe brochure-37 gerbe brochure-38 gerbe brochure-39
gerbe brochure-40 gerbe brochure-41 gerbe brochure-42
gerbe brochure-43 gerbe brochure-44 gerbe brochure-45


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