Jonathan Aston Tights…

JA Tights-00From polka dot tights that ushered in the swinging sixties, via classic sheers, funky fishnets, fabulous laces, bold stripes and bright opaques, “Jonathan Aston” is synonymous with style, quality and confidence.

Stockings are great for the office but a girl needs a little variety and for a quick change with a great sense of style, check out Jonathan Aston. Very sophisticated (and unique) legwear from lovely London!…

JA Tights-01 JA Tights-02 JA Tights-03
JA Tights-04 JA Tights-05 JA Tights-06
  • Carnaby Tights
  • Chicago Tights
  • Kensington Tights
  • Phantom Tights
  • Siren Tights
  • Cabaret Black Tights

Jonathan Aston

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