Hanes To The Rescue…

hanes-00I love my hosiery almost as much as I love my shoes (which says a lot) and I must have upwards of a thousand pair (hey some people collect cars!) That being said, wearing $80 sheers every day is just not practical on any budget so thank goodness for “Hanes”

Now, I mix up my brands, colors and styles given the wide universe of what is available (you can look at my “Hosiery Shopping” section to see what I like.) For everyday wear though, Hanes has some wonderful options and I have highlighted a few great styles below. In recent years they have broadened their palette so to speak and now offer some really fantastic hosiery choices at very reasonable prices.

Hey, like I said, a girl feels great wearing a pair of obscenely expensive stockings but a girl will most likely kill the next person she sees immediately after tearing them! Ugh!…


Hanes Silk Reflections Lace Top Thigh Highs
These are staples of my hosiery “collection”. Silky sheer and long lasting, they offer a classic, beautiful finish to any outfit with the convenience of thigh highs (meaning a runner doesn’t kill the “pair”!) The only drawback is the limited selection of colors available…

hanes-01 hanes-02 hanes-03 hanes-04
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Luxurious lace trim lined with silicone to stay up securely
  • Silky sheer & fit like they’re custom-made
  • Sheer toe works with open-toe shoes

Hanes Silk Reflections Waist Firm Control Pantyhose
These work beautifully with a sheer wrap dress or tight-fitting sheath because they provide a sleek line underneath whatever you wear over with. The obvious “snag” here is of course the ladies room because you basically have to undress to tinkle…

hanes-05 hanes-06 hanes-07 hanes-08
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Hi-waist panty slims & smooths from below bust-line to hips
  • Sewn-in elastic waistband & flat seams for zero panty lines
  • Sheer toe works with open-toe shoes

Hanes Silk Reflections Pure Bliss Luxe Sheer Pantyhose
This style is ultra soft and silky. I love these! They go great with anything and feel like a dream…

hanes-09 hanes-10 hanes-11 hanes-12
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Innovative knitting gives legs a micro-massage
  • Sensuously soft, ultra sheer yarn creates a flawless finish
  • Modern panty gently smooths & sculpts
  • Flat seams plus a non-binding waistband

Hanes Silk Reflections Tulle Net Pantyhose
Fishnets are most definitely a no-no in the office but these fit the bill without breaking the rules. The micro weave gives the look of sheers with the fashionability of fishnets. Most importantly they don’t snag on absolutely everything like fishnets do which is a real blessing…

hanes-13 hanes-14 hanes-15 hanes-16
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Breathable open weave, tulle netting fishnet tights
  • Sheer to waist, stretch nylon with a slick surface
  • Sophisticated tights are tagless for extra comfort
  • Comfortable smooth elastic waistband

Hanes Silk Reflections Sandalfoot Thigh Highs
These are basically the lace tops without the lace. These seem to work well under slacks or trousers because the bands are much thinner. Otherwise, I usually opt for the lace…

hanes-17 hanes-18 hanes-19 hanes-20
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Silky-sheer stretch knit clings for a soft feel & flawless fit
  • Thigh bands stay up securely due to gentle knit-in elastic
  • Sheer toe works with open-toe shoes

Hanes Silk Reflections Scrolled Floral Pantyhose
I adore these! I’m so happy Hanes has finally decided to add more great fashion styles like these to their line. These aren’t for the office but offer a great alternative to after hours anything. They go wonderfully with sling-backs but not with peep-toe’s and for some reason I really like these with deep blue or purple dresses?…

hanes-21 hanes-22 hanes-23 hanes-24
  • Nylon/spandex
  • Sheer with a scrolling floral pattern, for the look of vintage lace
  • Gentle control top comfortably smooths hips & tummy
  • Offers all the soft & silky luxury of Silk Reflections hosiery
  • An instant, sophisticated style update

Hanes Silk Reflections Sheer Geo Dot Pantyhose
Stop the presses because I’m completely in love with these! I haven’t found anything like these anywhere, ever. These offer a wonderfully sophisticated look in the office with a sleek skirt-suit and heels. The color selections are limited but they’re oh so fantastic!…

hanes-25 hanes-26 hanes-27 hanes-28
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Playful dot pattern on a silky-sheer background
  • Day or night, takes any outfit a step forward in style
  • Gentle control top comfortably smooths hips and tummy
  • Sheer toe works with open-toe shoes

Hanes Absolutely Ultra Sheer Shimmer Pantyhose
These are quite simply a wonderful fashion alternative to compliment any elegant look. I love these with silky evening dresses and the colors are dreamy (platinum, copper, silver bronze or marble) so they do the trick nicely with white, silver or gold-tone dresses. These are “princess” stockings…

hanes-29 hanes-30 hanes-31 hanes-32
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Absolutely ultra sheer leg that sparkles
  • Gentle control top, tights closure
  • Sheer toe works with open-toe shoes

Hanes Silk Reflections Lasting Ultra Sheer Thigh Highs
These are ultra-sheer with a shiny finish that provide a soft, silky look and feel.

hanes-33 hanes-34 hanes-35 hanes-36
  • Nylon/spandex, sheer toe
  • Silky, soft & beautifully ultra-sheer for a better than bare look
  • Run-resistant technology guards against runs & tears
  • Thigh bands stay up securely due to gentle knit-in elastic
  • Sheer toe works with open-toe shoes

Available From Hanes & One Hanes Place

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