Hanes Cameo Vintage Nylon Stockings…

hanes-vintage-00I was perusing some vintage sales and came across these entirely by accident. Five pair of 1950’s “Hanes Cameo Vintage Nylon Stockings”… If you are into retro clothing, these stockings are the finishing touch to any outfit!

hanes-vintage-01 hanes-vintage-02 hanes-vintage-03

I have plenty of garter belts and lingerie with garters attached but I mostly keep these out of the office as garters can be a bit stingy (and often visible) under a skirt suit or form fitting dress. As far as play time goes however, I have the perfect vintage outfits to wear these with. Ohh, how about with my Gossard Oh La La Corselet

Now to find the right shoes… Isn’t that always the biggest dilemma!…

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