Escape From New York!…

efny-00Amongst the limitless gems of amazing San Francisco is a little spot called “Escape From New York Pizza.” Open very late, they offer some of the best pizza by the slice on either coast!

Whenever I’m in San Francisco for business (or for pleasure) I usually always stay on Haight; I love the atmosphere, the people, the food and the shopping (particularly books and of course shoes!) It makes for a longer commute to the business district but the hippie in me demands I trade convenience for local fare.

They have several locations throughout the city and I guarantee you’ll go back for more once you’ve enjoyed your first bite. Also very cool is the décor, the walls are littered with some very interesting posters and local psychedelic artwork. Oh and their food is as inexpensive as it is good.

efny-01 efny-02 efny-03

In keeping with the cool vibe of the city, their website details their story:

“It could be said that EFNYP was started with the intent of bringing delicious, New York-style, pizza-by-the-slice to the uninitiated San Francisco masses, but that would be untrue. They needed to make a living.”

Escape From New York Pizza

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