Triumph Essence Fall 2016 Catalog…

triumph-essence-f16-00Other than mentioning that this is the “Triumph Essence Fall 2016 Catalog”… I’m going to tell you a hilarious story, so click thru and read on boys and girls

Okay, I love my paper catalogs! I know, it’s not very green of me and the Internet is easier, but I just have an affinity for them so anyone I love who offers one, well I’ve just got to take it! That being said, here’s the entertaining part…

About 20 years or so ago I was watching an episode of ‘Law & Order(love me some good Law & Order!) Anyway, in the episode, the ADA (played by Carey Lowell) was in a police station locker room with her cops, searching the locker of a suspect (who himself happened to be a cop). The officer was pulling everything out and handing it to her, and she was looking at each item before she put them aside. At one point, the officer pulls out a lingerie catalog and makes a silly remark about it being funny that the guy has it in his locker. She takes it from him, flips through it, folds back a page, hands it back to him, smiles and says I’m wearing this right now

So, what’s my point you ask?

Last week one of the guys at work came into my office. This catalog was sitting on my desk. He picked it up, flipped through a few pages, and remarked jokingly that it was inappropriate (if not just plain distracting) to have laying around the office. At that point what did I do? I took it from his hand, folded it back to one of the pages, handed it back to him, tilted my head, looked at him in an oh so ‘dead serious’ way and said, you guessed it“I’M WEARNING THIS RIGHT NOW!”

He looked at it for a second, looked up at me, put the catalog on my desk, turned around without a word, and walked out of my office. As soon as he turned down the hall I absolutely busted out laughing! My assistant ran into the room to ask what was going on and I could not stop laughing long enough to get the words out to tell her what had just happened…

Isn’t that absolutely perfect!!! The rest of my day was a real treat after that!

Incidentally, I WAS wearing what I showed him… That makes it even more perfectOh, slide 13, left hand side (just in case you were wondering!)


triumph-essence-f16-01 triumph-essence-f16-02 triumph-essence-f16-03
triumph-essence-f16-04 triumph-essence-f16-05 triumph-essence-f16-06
triumph-essence-f16-07 triumph-essence-f16-08 triumph-essence-f16-09
triumph-essence-f16-10 triumph-essence-f16-11 triumph-essence-f16-12
triumph-essence-f16-13 triumph-essence-f16-14 triumph-essence-f16-15

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