I Don’t Do Selfies!!!…


As I’ve said repeatedly, I don’t do selfies! First, I’m not a 16-year-old megalomaniac filled with millennial narcissism. Second, I’m a professional girl and as a professional, I have no need to have my face (or anything else for that matter) scattered all over the internet. That’s just bad for business. So, no selfies!

However, to make a very important point I am willing to make a small (kinda-sorta) exception in just this one case. My business mate and I were traveling recently. He of course travels in his usual “dress for comfort with no regard to how you look” mode. Me, I always travel first class! (what I wear, not where I sit!) He was jabbing me about how it was a waste to travel in formal business attire and how crazy I was to be walking all over the airport in my shoes and how nobody else does that so I’m just plain crazy. I then explained to him the three most important reasons why I fly the way I do:

1) Dressing formally allows me an extra outfit (& pair) I couldn’t fit in my luggage,
2) I’m a professional and that’s just how I roll, and
3) He may not understand why I dress like a pro, but I’m the boss so go figure that one out!

Playing on my “ridiculous” travel shoes, he snapped this and tweeted something about how insane they were for an airport hoping his “army” of followers would comment on his post and make his point. They didn’t! Anyhow, I asked him to send me the shot and hence… the selfie… Enjoy it, it’s the only one you’re gonna get… You’ll just have to enjoy me vicariously through my wonderful words and magnificent taste in clothes, shoes and everything else!…


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