A Bevy Of Bodysuits…

Bodysuits FW15-00Bodysuits give such a slim, streamlined look, and they’re fun to wear instead of underwear! Hey, it’s Christmas so I’ve given you a bevy of “Bodysuits” from some of the world’s finest lingerie boutiques!

Whether you go with a body hugging wrap dress, skirt & blouse, trousers (or just a long, elegant overcoat! – with heels!) bodysuits are a fabulous foundation for any occasion. They’re comfortable, slimming, flexible, easy, and make me feel luxurious! I’ve compiled a wide selection of fine bodysuits from some of the best designers, to give you a great idea of what’s currently available. There are so many styles, selections, fabrics and colors available, it’s almost overwhelming! My lingerie collection was of course the inspiration for this effort. I have several pieces from each of these designers.

If you’re a lover of bodysuits like me, you’re in for a real treat. If you’re not, perhaps you will find something here that strikes your fancy, and I can convert you!

Bodysuits FW15-01 Bodysuits FW15-02 Bodysuits FW15-03 Bodysuits FW15-04
Bodysuits FW15-05 Bodysuits FW15-06 Bodysuits FW15-07 Bodysuits FW15-08
  • Lise Charmel Féminité Déco Bodyuit
  • Lise Charmel Désir Karma Bodysuit
  • Lise Charmel Arty Romantica Bodysuit
  • Lise Charmel Magie Veda Bodysuit
  • Lise Charmel Sublime Assur Bodysuit
  • Lise Charmel Suggestion Dentelle Bodysuit
  • Lise Charmel Swinging Déco Bodysuit
  • Lise Charmel Transparence Désir Bodysuit
Bodysuits FW15-09 Bodysuits FW15-10 Bodysuits FW15-11 Bodysuits FW15-12
Bodysuits FW15-13 Bodysuits FW15-14 Bodysuits FW15-15 Bodysuits FW15-16
  • Simone Pérèle Look Bodysuit
  • Simone Pérèle Caresse Bodysuit
  • Simone Pérèle Céleste Bodysuit
  • Triumph Shape Sensation Bodysuit
  • Triumph Dragonfly Bodysuit
  • Triumph Cool Sensation Bodysuit
  • Triumph Sensual Essence Bodysuit
  • Triumph Enchanted Essence Bodysuit
Bodysuits FW15-17 Bodysuits FW15-18 Bodysuits FW15-19 Bodysuits FW15-20
Bodysuits FW15-21 Bodysuits FW15-22 Bodysuits FW15-23 Bodysuits FW15-24
  • Andres Sarda Olinda Bodysuit
  • Andres Sarda Olinda Bodysuit
  • Aubade Amour En Fleurs Bodysuit
  • Aubade Plumetischic Bodysuit
  • Barbara Beauty Perfect Bodysuit
  • Barbara Kentia Bodysuit
  • Barbara Opale Bodysuit
  • Barbara Opalene Bodysuit
Bodysuits FW15-25 Bodysuits FW15-26 Bodysuits FW15-27 Bodysuits FW15-28
Bodysuits FW15-29 Bodysuits FW15-30 Bodysuits FW15-31 Bodysuits FW15-32
  • Bordelle Adana Bodysuit
  • Bordelle Bondage Belle Bodysuit
  • Bordelle Justine Bodysuit
  • Bordelle Lucia Bodysuit
  • Chantal Thomass Désir Bodysuit
  • Chantelle Pont Neuf Bodysuit
  • Dita Von Teese Dahlia Crème Caramel Bodysuit
  • Dita Von Teese Black Dahlia Bodysuit
Bodysuits FW15-33 Bodysuits FW15-34 Bodysuits FW15-35 Bodysuits FW15-36
Bodysuits FW15-37 Bodysuits FW15-38 Bodysuits FW15-39 Bodysuits FW15-40
  • Implicite Fétiche Animal Bodysuit
  • Implicite Paradoxe Bodysuit
  • Implicite Pulsion Bodysuit
  • L’Agent Lucila Bodysuit
  • L’Agent Marisela Bodysuit
  • L’Agent Odessa Bodysuit
  • Lou Oxygène Bodysuit
  • Lou Vertige Bodysuit
Bodysuits FW15-41 Bodysuits FW15-42 Bodysuits FW15-43 Bodysuits FW15-44
Bodysuits FW15-45 Bodysuits FW15-46 Bodysuits FW15-47 Bodysuits FW15-48
  • PrimaDonna First Lady Bodysuit
  • PrimaDonna Madam Butterfly Bodysuit
  • PrimaDonna Twist A La Folie Bodysuit
  • PrimaDonna Twist Caramba Bodysuit
  • Wacoal Beauty Secret Bodysuit
  • Wacoal Beauty Secret Gainant Bodysuit
  • Wacoal Beauty Secret Gaine Bodysuit
  • Wacoal Beauty Secret Gaine Lace Bodysuit
Bodysuits FW15-49 Bodysuits FW15-50 Bodysuits FW15-51 Bodysuits FW15-52
Bodysuits FW15-53 Bodysuits FW15-54 Bodysuits FW15-55 Bodysuits FW15-56
Bodysuits FW15-57 Bodysuits FW15-58 Bodysuits FW15-59 Bodysuits FW15-60
  • Maison Close A Fleur De Peau Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Cabaret Smoking Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Chambre Des Secrets Bodysuit
  • Maison Close La Cavalière Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Pure Tentation Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Pure Tentation Full Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Rue Des Demoiselles String Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Rue Des Demoiselles Full Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Villa Des Lys Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Villa Des Lys Full Bodysuit
  • Maison Close Villa Satine Bodysuit
  • Maud & Marjorie Instant Crush Bodysuit

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