Triumph 2013 Shape Sensation…

triumph-ss00Incredibly sensual by design, yet offering extreme function and body-shaping benefits, the “Triumph 2013 Shape Sensation” collection is crafted from innovative two-way stretch Lycra lace that secretly smoothes and defines body contours while also imparting stunning visual appeal.

This renowned line brings with it a trendy new aura and vibrant, confidence-building beauty. Basically, it’s bringing curves back as a glamorous new fashion statement!

triumph-ss01 triumph-ss02 triumph-ss03 triumph-ss04
triumph-ss05 triumph-ss06 triumph-ss07 triumph-ss08
triumph-ss09 triumph-ss10 triumph-ss11 triumph-ss12
triumph-ss13 triumph-ss14 triumph-ss15
triumph-ss16 triumph-ss17 triumph-ss18 triumph-ss19
triumph-ss20 triumph-ss21
triumph-ss22 triumph-ss23

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