Triumph Lingerie 2012…

Ahhh… the “Triumph Lingerie 2012” line is wonderful… With collections like this it’s important to pick and choose wisely because it’s all pricey. I usually start with a piece (usually a bodysuit or shaper) to test the waters and go from there. It’s hit and miss but you can always return & exchange!!!

If you spread your picks across a number of designers you can build a really nice foundation “foundation” wardrobe… And, if you care for them properly, your undergarments should last years especially if you build a large enough “rotation” to give them a “rest” now and then… A few of my selections from the current lines followed by a wonderful look at the last twelve months of luxurious treats from Triumph of AustriaEnjoy

…wearing is much better than seeing though!…

A Few Of My FavoritesThese all work well for me, I love them all

Triumph Essence Lingerie A\W 2012

Triumph Essence Lingerie S\S 2012

Triumph Lingerie F\W 2011 (Bonus!)

All Available From Triumph

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