Le Bourget Collants et Bas 2016…

le-bourget16-00Go to Paris, eat croissants, walk around the Champs-Élysées, talk to the beautiful people, soak it all in… Oh, don’t forget to stop in your favorite petite boutique to snag some “Le Bourget”Just don’t “snag” anything wrapped around your lovely legs!

Le Bourget is one of my favorite legwear alternatives. Aside from the fact they’re French, and this gives me an excuse to stop in Paris (as if I need one!), their selection is truly fantastic. You won’t find a wide variety of crazy patterns or outrageous color choices, but for the office minded lady, their sheers are second to none!

I am particularly taken with their stockings, in particular the Rétro 20 sheers are to die for. These are a staple in my wardrobe. Don’t know why, but they fit me extremely well, wear like a dream and have tended to “hold up” well with prolonged wear. So, for those days when you wish to skip the hold-ups and opt for something with garters… there you go!

By the way, Le Bourget is the third largest hosiery company in Europe with an annual production of 100 million pairs! Hey, there’s plenty to go around! Anyway, here’s a little peek at the 2016 lines currently available everywhere (I’d still go to Paris though!)…


le-bourget16-01 le-bourget16-02 le-bourget16-03
le-bourget16-04 le-bourget16-05 le-bourget16-06
le-bourget16-07 le-bourget16-08 le-bourget16-09
le-bourget16-10 le-bourget16-11 le-bourget16-12
le-bourget16-13 le-bourget16-14 le-bourget16-15
le-bourget16-16 le-bourget16-17 le-bourget16-18
  • Bas Top Perfect Chic 40D
  • Collant Légendaire 20D
  • Collant Résille
  • Collant Diamant 20D
  • Collant Perfect Chic 40D
  • Collant Micro Tulle Prestige
  • Collant Allure
  • Bas Top Select 20D
  • Bas Top Blason 20D
  • Mi Bas Opaque Perfect Chic 50D
  • Collant Select 20D
  • Bas Top Perle 20D
  • Collant Exquit 40D
  • Bas Top Allure
  • Bas Top Perfect 20D
  • Collant Micro Tulle Style
  • Collant Rose 30D


le-bourget16-19 le-bourget16-20 le-bourget16-21
le-bourget16-22 le-bourget16-23 le-bourget16-24
le-bourget16-25 le-bourget16-26 le-bourget16-27
le-bourget16-28 le-bourget16-29 le-bourget16-30
  • Collant Affinant 20D
  • Collant Sans Couture 20D
  • Collant Fantaisie Motif Chevron 20D
  • Collant Opaque Mat 60D
  • Collant Sans Couture 50D
  • Collant Satiné 40D
  • Collant Affinant 50D
  • Collant Fantaisie Motif Effet Dentelle
  • Collant Fantaisie Effet Résille 20D
  • Collant Satiné 20D
  • Collant Nanofibre Mat 10D


le-bourget16-31 le-bourget16-32 le-bourget16-33
le-bourget16-34 le-bourget16-35 le-bourget16-36
le-bourget16-37 le-bourget16-38 le-bourget16-39
le-bourget16-40 le-bourget16-41 le-bourget16-42
le-bourget16-43 le-bourget16-44 le-bourget16-45
le-bourget16-46 le-bourget16-47 le-bourget16-48
  • Bas Voilance Satiné 15D
  • Collant Aisance 20D
  • Collant Teint Mat 15D
  • Collant Résistant 30D
  • Bas Top Voile Elasthanne
  • Collant Teint Magique Sculptant 15D
  • Bas Top Voilance Satiné 15D
  • Collant Semi Opaque Galbant 40D
  • Collant Teint Magique 15D
  • Collant Teint Invisible 10D
  • Bas Top Teint Magique 15D
  • Bas Top Jarretiére Dentelle
  • Collant Mousse 15D
  • Collant Voilance Satiné 15D
  • Socquettes Voilance 15D
  • Collant à Effet Revitalisant 40D
  • Collant Voilance Affinant 15D

Les Dessous Chics

le-bourget16-49 le-bourget16-50 le-bourget16-51
le-bourget16-52 le-bourget16-53 le-bourget16-54
le-bourget16-55 le-bourget16-56 le-bourget16-57
le-bourget16-58 le-bourget16-59 le-bourget16-60
  • Bas Top Couture Arrière 20D
  • Bas Rétro 20D
  • Collant Mirage 20D
  • Collant Emotion 20D
  • Collant Couture Arriére et Talon à Anglaisage 20D
  • Collant Chic 40D
  • Bas Essentiel 15D
  • Collant Charme 20D
  • Collant Sexy Avec Porte-Jarretelles Intégré 20D
  • Bas Top Emotion 20D
  • Collant Magie 20D

I am undoubtedly aware that after painstakingly perusing this beautiful selection of sophisticated, silky hosiery you may be a bit exhausted by the “sheer” euphoria such an undertaking can elicit, as immunity to the unlimited wardrobe alternatives are, in and of themselves, enough to overwhelm even the most strong-willed and well prepared woman when exposed to such a fantastic array of legwear possibilities!…. (What a great run-on… I’ve still got it!)

Anyway, with that being said, I threw in a few selections from their bodywear line too! I can’t say I’ve sampled them myself… However, if their hosiery is any indication, their bodywear is most definitely worth a peek


le-bourget16-61 le-bourget16-62 le-bourget16-63
le-bourget16-64 le-bourget16-65 le-bourget16-66
le-bourget16-67 le-bourget16-68 le-bourget16-69
le-bourget16-70 le-bourget16-71 le-bourget16-72
le-bourget16-73 le-bourget16-74 le-bourget16-75
  • Body Culotte Décolleté
  • Body Culotte Manches Longues
  • Body Culotte Plissé
  • Body Culotte Plumetis
  • Body Fines Bretelles
  • Body Manches 3/4
  • Body Manches Longues
  • Body Topless
  • Bodyslim
  • Caraco Fines Bretelles
  • Caraco
  • Slimdress
  • Top Manches Longues
  • Top Sans Manches

Available From Le Bourget

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  1. Michael

    La fille revient! We’re so glad to have you back! (That, of course, is the royal ‘we’.) Your new posts are entertaining, as always. I laughed heartily at your comment regarding Le Bourget’s prolific hosiery output (“Hey, there’s plenty to go around!”). And I too love run-on sentences. However, the writer in me, who adores the English language, feels the need to point out that you likely meant ‘exposure’ instead of ‘immunity’. Yes, I can’t help myself in situations like this. Wonderful, though, to see your posts renewed. Your charm and humor are very much appreciated, especially in light of recent troubling events… La fille d’Aubade toujours!

    1. aubadegirl Post author

      Merci Michael… Yes, I have returned and I’m not going anywhere soon. Thanks for the kudos… Come back again soon, lot’s more goodies to come soon. Être bien!… – Aubadegirl…


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