Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs

I’ve used “Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs” for about three or four years now. I really like this lotion and I would use it even if it didn’t contain a tanner. Coverage is good, it absorbs quickly and thoroughly, it smells wonderful and leaves my legs feeling very silky. I use this periodically (sporadically) meaning I use it for a week or so now and then. It’s really nice…


The “fair to medium” solution does darken my legs but not so much that it looks artificial; my application “schedule” evens out my skin tone – maybe that’s why I do it that way (never thoughtta that!)… As for the need to shave less, I can’t say I’ve seen this but maybe I just haven’t noticed it.

Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs gives your legs an irresistible natural looking tan while minimizing the need to shave so often. The 24-hour moisturizing formula contains a hint of gradual tanner that builds a natural looking tan with everyday use, and makes the hair look less noticeable. When you shave less often, the tanning effect lasts even longer – for year-round beautiful, well cared for legs! Skin compatibility dermatologically tested.”

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