Cleopatra Capri Pantygirdle…

Let’s face it, there are two kinds of girls; those who do and those who don’t! Do what? Well, in this case, bind, tighten, strap, lace, wrap, encase or in any other way constrict any part of their bodies whatsoever… This aversion can be with tight clothing, sometimes it’s hosiery but more often it’s lingerie, in particular shapewear…

I’m 5’10” 130 (ish…?!?) and I’m a swimmer so my build is commensurate. This means I have a slim, athletic bod – no killer hips, no quadruple D-cups (but, as I have stated previously, very long legs, right up to my armpits!) I digress. Where shapewear is concerned I wear it because I like it, not so much because I need to…

I can’t understand why so many women deny themselves the luxury of fine lingerie and shapewear (whether it’s needed or not!) And yes, it’s an indulgence, it totally is, but I pay my dues so go jump off a cliff when I spend on fine undergarments

The “Cleopatra Capri Pantygirdle” from the renowned Cleopatra Capri range, lovingly made in Spain is a classic. This six strap nylon-lycra girdle has heavy-duty garters with metal fasteners, hook and eye closure and is really a bring-back of an older style using modern materials. This so well made and fitted too, retro, sexy and it just feels really good on me. A good investment, worth every penny. And they have matching bras!

Not everyday wear, and not good under anything too tight (like a slinky fitted wrap-dress). This will definitely show through unless you dress for it. Last time I wore it to work under a fitted, high-waist pencil skirt with a blouse, and my shoes matched the color of the girdle! Well it’s important to me

Oh and one last really important thing. I do wear lots of thigh-hi’s (usually 4 work) and have zero issues (outside snags!). Occasionally, I will opt for stockings (with garters) instead, however, stockings can be tricky unless the garter-belt/girdle/corset/… is well “anchored” so to speak – meaning the garter straps don’t stretch, the clips don’t break, the whole darn thing doesn’t slide down making the stockings droop like an old lady, and so on. Point is, garter-stockings can be high maintenance. But, in this case the panty girdle worked like a charm because the straps are close and tight and the garment doesn’t move around so the stockings basically wear like thigh-hi’s – with the added bonus that you have the garter straps. Be sure to order your stockings long/tall to pair with this girdle, you’ll need the wiggle room

Available at Cleopatra Lingerie & Stockings HQ

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