Cleopatra Suspender Belts…

Cleopatra Suspenders-00Decided to go with bare legs today? ‘Suspend’ that thought girly! Instead wrap up your legs in some wonderful stockings and strap them to a lovely “Cleopatra Suspender Belt” for a bit of vintage style under whatever you’re going to wear…

Spanish brand Cleopatra makes lingerie that combines classic styling with continental flair. Beautiful bras, garter belts, panty-girdles, briefs and thongs in matching coordinated fabrics. Although their product line is somewhat limited, I grabbed a few of these and must say, they keep things securely fashioned throughout my day!

I’m on a bit of a vintage/girdle/stocking kick lately…

Cleopatra Suspenders-01 Cleopatra Suspenders-02 Cleopatra Suspenders-03 Cleopatra Suspenders-04
Cleopatra Suspenders-05 Cleopatra Suspenders-06 Cleopatra Suspenders-07 Cleopatra Suspenders-08
  • Cleopatra Capri 6-Strap Suspender Belt
  • Cleopatra Rhodos 6-Strap Suspender Belt
  • Cleopatra Rhodos 8-Strap Suspender Belt
  • Cleopatra Veriti 6-Strap Suspender Belt

Here’s a tiny peek at some of their set lines…

Cleopatra Suspenders-09 Cleopatra Suspenders-10 Cleopatra Suspenders-11 Cleopatra Suspenders-12 Cleopatra Suspenders-13
  • Bermuda Line
  • Capri Line
  • Hawaii Line
  • Rhodos Line
  • Tahiti Line

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