Diesel: Be Stupid Advertising Campaign…

Diesel Stupid-00For a fun look at some really creative advertising, check out these slides from the Diesel “Be Stupid Advertising Campaign”Take a look… Don’t be stupid!

“Be Smart” – that is what our parents and teachers told us since we were young. While Diesel, takes “Be Stupid” as its philosophy in a recent campaign. Diesel’s campaign from Anomaly New York is just plain stupid. The risqué work celebrates stupidity as a kind of liberating antidote to intelligence, which, as we all know, can really ruin a good time. According to the brand’s ‘Be Stupid Philosophy,’ stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret-free life. Only stupid can be truly brilliant.

Diesel Stupid-01 Diesel Stupid-02 Diesel Stupid-03 Diesel Stupid-04
Diesel Stupid-05 Diesel Stupid-06 Diesel Stupid-07 Diesel Stupid-08
Diesel Stupid-09 Diesel Stupid-10 Diesel Stupid-11 Diesel Stupid-12
Diesel Stupid-13 Diesel Stupid-14 Diesel Stupid-15 Diesel Stupid-16
Diesel Stupid-17 Diesel Stupid-18 Diesel Stupid-19 Diesel Stupid-20
Diesel Stupid-21 Diesel Stupid-22 Diesel Stupid-23 Diesel Stupid-24
Diesel Stupid-25 Diesel Stupid-26 Diesel Stupid-27 Diesel Stupid-28
Diesel Stupid-29 Diesel Stupid-30 Diesel Stupid-31 Diesel Stupid-32

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