Pantyhose 101…

Okay, this is just in here because it’s funny to me… Given an $80 pair of Wolford pantyhose, I may sit very ladylike and carefully squeeze myself in (I might even wear the gloves – not the yellow ones). The other 99 percent of the time I’m just hopping around like a fool pulling them on while I do three things at once trying to get out the door on time

Look at it this way, maybe I’m really serving my fellow woman here; either 1) a twelve-year old will wander by and learn how to put on her pantyhose or, 2) perhaps some lost lady who has zero interest in fashion will accidentally swing by my blog and suddenly become addicted to hosieryBonus!…

You should follow these steps exactly! Every time girls! (Ha Ha) – Enjoy

Courtesy of Shapings


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