“Origins” Of Beauty…

Skincare is a challenge for us all especially as the effects of time and a busy life take their toll. Let’s face it, age sucks but it’s unavoidable! Finding the right products that are tailored to your skins unique needs can be a real challenge.

With so many alternatives available out there where do you start? Unfortunately, as with many things in life it comes down to simple trial and error so when you find something that’s right for you stick with it. To that end, I give you “Origins.”

This line of skin care products contains 100% natural, certified organic, plant based ingredients and excludes any mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic colors, fragrances or animal ingredients. The company does not conduct animal testing on its products or ingredients, is committed to global environmental protection, the renewability of its resources and has a strong commitment to charity. In my eyes, quality and responsible corporate behavior are good places to start!

Two products I really like are the Origins “Have A Nice Day” moisturizer and the “Night-A-Mins” renewal crème. Both provide excellent coverage, absorb quickly and completely and leave my face feeling fresh, soft and rejuvenated without any oily aftereffects. I use the have “Have A Nice Day” right after showering in the morning and the “Night-A-Mins” right before bedtime. What could be easier?

I have been using this line for over ten years and cannot say enough good things about it. My skin is soft, radiant and flawless (and believe me, it’s not all God given!) I would strongly recommend you give them a try. After all, your body is a temple and your skin is the canvas that covers it up…

Available at Origins

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