“Stocked” Up On Wolford…

wolford-0914-00A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! And when “Wolford” goes on sale, a girl’s gotta stock up!…

Like a fine pair of shoes, very high quality hosiery can really make a statement when paired with a wonderful outfit and there’s nothing finer than Wolford when it comes to your legs. Let’s face it, Wolford isn’t cheap so when those sale racks fill up, you’d better make a run for it! Just don’t break a heel…

Wolford Dana Dot Tights

wolford-0914-01 wolford-0914-02 wolford-0914-03

Wolford Pin Stripes Tights

wolford-0914-04 wolford-0914-05 wolford-0914-06

Wolford Tie Style Tights

wolford-0914-07 wolford-0914-08 wolford-0914-09

Wolford Fine Net Stay-Up Thigh-Highs

wolford-0914-10 wolford-0914-11 wolford-0914-12
wolford-0914-13 wolford-0914-14 wolford-0914-15

Available From Wolford

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