Wolford For A “Rainy Day”…

ws2-00With such beautiful weather upon us, many girls start to frown on hosiery (I cannot understand this myself!) In any case, that’s no reason not to shop, especially if there’s a sale, particularly if it involves Wolford! So, go bare if you must but “stock” up for a rainy day! I just did…

Wolford Arrow Tights
ws2-01 ws2-02 ws2-03
Wolford Festival Stay-Ups
ws2-04 ws2-05 ws2-06
Wolford Muriel Tights
ws2-07 ws2-08 ws2-09
Wolford Twenties Tights
ws2-10 ws2-11 ws2-12
Wolford Victoria Stay-Ups
ws2-13 ws2-14 ws2-15

Available From Wolford

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