A Girl Can Never Have Too Much Wolford…

ws-00Usually during lunch I eat my salad and catch up on some e-mail or read the news. The other day I stepped out to shop on a whim and found some Wolford on sale. What a treat! I grabbed a few of everything in my size. A girl can never have have too much Wolford!!!



Wolford Festival Stay-Ups
ws-01 ws-02 ws-03
Wolford Flower Waves Tights
ws-04 ws-05 ws-06
Wolford Miss W Tights
ws-07 ws-08 ws-09
Wolford Muriel Tights
ws-10 ws-11 ws-12
Wolford Ornament Stay-Ups
ws-13 ws-14 ws-15
Wolford Seam Tights/Cuban Heel
ws-16 ws-17 ws-18

Available From Wolford

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