Worx Wardrobe: Fall Blouses…

fall blouses 14-00It’s time to grab yourself a signature piece (or two) to help fill out your work wardrobe and a great blouse is a fantastic way to make a statement in the office.

When you make your selections always balance quality with style and for my dime silk is usually the way to go. This is a great choice for both prints and solids. And remember, when going with a sheer blouse be sure to always layer over a good foundation piece or cami. After all, nothing ruins a polished, professional look more than showing just a little too much.

Here are some marvelous places to start. These are all great designer pieces that will show off your eye for style and quality. They are pricey, but I I found two of these on sale so keep your eyes peeled and your card balances low…

L’Agence Silk Snap Front Blouse

fall blouses 14-01 fall blouses 14-02 fall blouses 14-03

Monique Lhuillier Silk Chiffon Draped Blouse

fall blouses 14-04 fall blouses 14-05 fall blouses 14-06

Moschino Floral Bow Neck Blouse

fall blouses 14-07 fall blouses 14-08 fall blouses 14-09

Moschino Embellished Belt Pencil Skirt (For Good Measure!!!)

fall blouses 14-10 fall blouses 14-11 fall blouses 14-12

Jason Wu Silk Scarf Tie Shell

fall blouses 14-13 fall blouses 14-14 fall blouses 14-15

Monique Lhuillier Feather Print Silk Draped Blouse

fall blouses 14-16 fall blouses 14-17 fall blouses 14-18

Diane von Furstenberg Isolde Silk Chiffon Blouse

fall blouses 14-19 fall blouses 14-20 fall blouses 14-21

Available From L’Agence, Monique Lhuillier, Moschino, Jason Wu & Diane von Furstenberg

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