Hosiery Is Like Food…

Hosiery is like food, both a necessity and an indulgence! Hosiery is essential for professional women. Myself, I have never felt anything but wonderful in hosiery (except when it’s 110 degrees out!) Many women complain about their “need” to wear pantyhose or stockings which is crazy to me. I have never understood this philosophy of dread.

I can put on just about any outfit and simply by changing my stockings, tights or pantyhose create a completely different look. Hosiery is a canvas with a world of colors, tints, hues and textures. Nothing in a woman’s wardrobe is more versatile. Check out these beautiful examples (all are from this year’s collections so start shopping!!!)

BTW, for those of you with a taste for the finer things in life, I lovingly present the most magnificent of them all…Wolford! (the last four plates are from the new 2012 collection!)

Come on girls, get a leg up on fashion, straighten your seams and stock up…

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