New Work Clothes For 2012…

The only thing worse than a poorly dressed business-man is a poorly dressed business-woman! My philosophy has always been that if I have to take the time and effort to dress to the nines for work, the results of my efforts had better be worth it!

As most of you well know, there are a tremendous variety of options, styles and accessories available with which to build a successful wardrobe for work. Jackets, dresses and separates are important components but the core of any good professional woman’s closet is of course the business suit, more specifically, the power suit.

A great woman’s suit is sleek, stylish, versatile and feminine while maintaining a professional look and without being overtly flashy or revealing. Lower-end women’s suits tend to be of poor quality or often project the look of club wear (meaning they reveal too much!) It’s hard enough to play with the boys’ team as it is so always remember that when it comes to suits, elegance wins out every time.

Myself, I always add a few new suits each year which allows me to stay current with the style, expand my wardrobe and well, let’s just face it, what is better than shopping? One final note here girls (a clever spin on my earlier theme) – the only thing worse than a woman in a bad suit is a woman in a terrific suit with the wrong shoes!!!!!!! So, if you’re going to invest in the clothes, don’t skimp on the footwear! (I’ll definitely have to blog on that one later!)

Some of my new wardrobe additions for the 2012 season (as shown in order above):

  • Armani Collezioni Crepe Jersey Skirt Suit
  • Armani Collezioni Floral Jacquard Jersey Knit Skirt Suit
  • Armani Crepe Jersey Skirt Suit
  • Armani Stripe Shawl Collar Skirt Suit
  • Donna Karin Jersey-Off-The-Shoulder Skirt Suit
  • St. John Collection Pencil Skirt Suit
  • Tom James 2-Button Vested Pinstripe Pant Suit
  • Tom James French Front Single Button Skirt Suit
  • Tom James Straight Line Pinstripe Skirt Suit

Available at Armani, Neimen’s, Lord & Taylor, DK & Tom James

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