Falke Legwear Lookbook…

Falke LB15-00Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Nein? Well, even if you can’t speak German, you can bask your legs in some Bavarian luxury. Alas, I give you the latest and greatest “Falke Legwear Lookbook”

Falke is an internationally renowned brand that was founded in 1895 and owes its origins to the Falke family from Germany who continue to operate the business to this day. The Falke brand has grown from a small knitting business, to a worldwide fashion phenomenon with the collection offering quality hosiery, tights, socks, leggings, underwear and sportswear.

Falke LB15-01 Falke LB15-02 Falke LB15-03 Falke LB15-04
Falke LB15-05 Falke LB15-06 Falke LB15-07 Falke LB15-08
Falke LB15-09 Falke LB15-10 Falke LB15-11 Falke LB15-12
Falke LB15-13 Falke LB15-14 Falke LB15-15 Falke LB15-16
Falke LB15-17 Falke LB15-18 Falke LB15-19 Falke LB15-20
Falke LB15-21 Falke LB15-22 Falke LB15-23 Falke LB15-24
Falke LB15-25 Falke LB15-26 Falke LB15-27 Falke LB15-28
Falke LB15-29 Falke LB15-30 Falke LB15-31 Falke LB15-32
Falke LB15-33 Falke LB15-34 Falke LB15-35 Falke LB15-36
Falke LB15-37 Falke LB15-38 Falke LB15-39 Falke LB15-40
Falke LB15-41 Falke LB15-42 Falke LB15-43 Falke LB15-44
Falke LB15-45 Falke LB15-46 Falke LB15-47 Falke LB15-48
Falke LB15-49 Falke LB15-50 Falke LB15-51 Falke LB15-52
Falke LB15-53 Falke LB15-54 Falke LB15-55 Falke LB15-56
Falke LB15-57 Falke LB15-58 Falke LB15-59 Falke LB15-60
Falke LB15-61 Falke LB15-62 Falke LB15-63 Falke LB15-64
Falke LB15-65 Falke LB15-66 Falke LB15-67 Falke LB15-68
Falke LB15-69 Falke LB15-70 Falke LB15-71 Falke LB15-72
Falke LB15-73 Falke LB15-74 Falke LB15-75 Falke LB15-76
Falke LB15-77 Falke LB15-78 Falke LB15-79
Falke LB15-80 Falke LB15-81 Falke LB15-82

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