Falke Lunelle Peacock Lace Hold Ups…

Falke Lunelle-00Imagine a cool summer breeze blowing gently across your sun-drenched body as you lay on the sand, listening to the waves lap at your toes, you can taste the salt water on your lips… That’s almost as good as these “Falke Lunelle Peacock Lace Hold Ups!” Ohhhhhhhhh…

From Falke comes these luxurious ultra transparent hold ups. They are identical to the original Lunelle 8 style except for the lace peacock design on the top band. They have a colourful shimmer to them with a strong silicone coating which prevents slipping. The barely-there look gives a lovely slight shimmer to your legs.

Falke Lunelle-01 Falke Lunelle-02 Falke Lunelle-03
Falke Lunelle-04 Falke Lunelle-05 Falke Lunelle-06
  • Silky-soft sheer hold ups
  • 61% nylon, 39% elastane
  • Ultra transparent
  • Delicate texture with a pearl-like lustre
  • Ladder resistant toe & soft seam
  • Silicone coating prevents slipping
  • 8 denier weight
  • Available in black (with peacock blue lace top)
  • Complimentary hand wrapped in tissue & ribbons!

Available From Falke

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