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zohara-00Bare legs are an empty canvas! And, aside from a good reason to be alive, unless you’re on the beach or wearing trousers, you’re most definitely missing the opportunity to make a fashion statement ‘sans bonneterie’. Rejoice! “Zohara” can make you a work of art…

Launched in 2010, Zohara presents original tights and leggings created from the desire to combine art and fashion. All the drawings are unique and original and together they create different and varied styles of hosiery, which give a fashionable look to every woman who wears them. Every year a selected number of artists from around the world bring a different perception of art to the collection. All Zohara tights are 120 Den, soft and comfortable and are available in one size that fits women size 34-50.

Below are some beautiful fashion plates followed by a selection of the Zohara 2013 collection. Be sure to check them out and add a bit of artistry to your wardrobe…

zohara-01 zohara-02 zohara-03
zohara-04 zohara-05 zohara-06
zohara-07 zohara-08 zohara-09
zohara-10 zohara-11 zohara-12 zohara-13

The Zohara 2013 Collection (item specifics are below…)

zohara-14 zohara-15 zohara-16 zohara-17
zohara-18 zohara-19 zohara-20 zohara-21
zohara-22 zohara-23 zohara-24 zohara-25
zohara-26 zohara-27 zohara-28 zohara-29
zohara-30 zohara-31 zohara-32 zohara-33
zohara-34 zohara-35 zohara-36 zohara-37
zohara-38 zohara-39 zohara-40 zohara-41
zohara-42 zohara-43 zohara-44 zohara-45
zohara-46 zohara-47 zohara-48 zohara-49
zohara-50 zohara-51 zohara-52 zohara-53
  • Babushka Off-White Tights
  • Buddleia Flower Beige Tights
  • Butterflies Beige Tights
  • Cards Beige Red Tights
  • Cherry Blossom Beige Tights
  • Cleopatra Beige Tights
  • Dandellon Grey Tights
  • Flower Bouquet Beige Tights
  • Geisha Light Khaki Tights
  • Heart Dark Pink Tights
  • Leaves Beige Tights
  • Leaves Light Grey Tights
  • Nature Nude Printed Tights
  • Neighborhood Grey Tights
  • Neighborhood Orange Tights
  • One Way Grey Tights
  • Paisley Print Beige Tights
  • Piasley Light Pink Tights
  • Spill Dark Grey Tights
  • Violets Beige Tights

“Ahhhhh…A girl can dream…”

Zohara Tights

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