Wolford Booty…

Wolford Booty...There’s no need to elaborate further (see bleow) so just click to check out the Wolford Booty from my little skip down the street…

Before you dive in and feast your eyes on some of my luxurious legwear, I wanted to make sure you didn’t skip over one very important detail. I believe in all my countless hours or shopping, I’ve rarely come across something as amazing as this! (click on the photo on the right!) Then click on the rest below…

  • Wolford Florianne Tights
  • Wolford Jutta 15 Stay-Ups
  • Wolford Magic Touch 12 Tights
  • Wolford Nola Stay-Ups
  • Wolford Cheetah Tights
  • Wolford Color Dots Tights
  • Wolford Dana Stay-Ups
  • Wolford Poppy Tights
  • Wolford Rattle Tights
  • Wolford Netsation Stay-Ups
  • Wolford Tulip Tights
  • Wolford Dream Embroidered Tights
  • Wolford Fleur Tights
  • Wolford Lilie Stay-Ups
  • Wolford Valerie Embroidered Tights
  • Wolford Valerie Stay-Ups
  • Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights

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