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fogal13-00If Wolford is listed as a 10 out of 10 then you can mark ‘Fogal of Switzerland’ a solid 9! Very well made, luxurious legwear in a wide variety of rick textures, styles and colors. Consequently, I present selections form the 2013 line… so see for yourself…

BTW, consider ordering up a nudge on your sizes here girlies, also Fogal has been added to Hosiery Shopping, also also these posts really are a labor of love sometimes…

The Fogal brand was first established in 1921 by Leon Fogal who was the son of a sock knitter. By 1923, the first hosiery shop was opened under the family name in Zurich, Germany. The brand quickly became renowned for producing high quality hosiery for women. Leon was able to respond skillfully to his customers’ needs which soon resulted in Fogal shops offering repair services as well as hosiery wares. The Swiss brand will be celebrating its 90th anniversary later this year.

The greatest boom for the brand came about following the invention of nylon stockings which resulted in women forming a long queue in the shops to bag themselves their own pair of Nylons. As a result of this high demand, some customers were left disappointed when the stores had to close after a couple of hours as they had sold out of stock. 🙁

fogal13-01 fogal13-02 fogal13-03 fogal13-04
fogal13-05 fogal13-06 fogal13-07 fogal13-08
fogal13-09 fogal13-10 fogal13-11 fogal13-12
fogal13-13 fogal13-14 fogal13-15 fogal13-16
fogal13-17 fogal13-18 fogal13-19 fogal13-20
fogal13-21 fogal13-22 fogal13-23 fogal13-24
fogal13-25 fogal13-26 fogal13-27 fogal13-28
fogal13-29 fogal13-30 fogal13-31 fogal13-32
fogal13-33 fogal13-34 fogal13-35 fogal13-36
fogal13-37 fogal13-38 fogal13-39 fogal13-40
fogal13-41 fogal13-42 fogal13-43 fogal13-44
fogal13-45 fogal13-46 fogal13-47 fogal13-48
fogal13-49 fogal13-50 fogal13-51 fogal13-52
fogal13-53 fogal13-54 fogal13-55 fogal13-56
fogal13-57 fogal13-58 fogal13-59 fogal13-60
  • 114 CHIC Diagonal Tights …(have these, love these!)
  • 115 CARESSE Tights …(have these, love these!)
  • 134 MARGUERITE Tights
  • 144 OPTIMIST Black Tights
  • 153 LIGHT Knitted Lace Tights
  • 155 FLAMENCO Tights
  • 195 PORTOVENERE Tights …(have these, love these!)
  • 198 CATWALK Tights …(have these, love these!)
  • 224 SUMMERCOOL Hold Ups
  • 226 CATWALK Hold Ups
  • 240 CARESSE Stockings
  • 508 TEATRO Floral Tights
  • 519 SOUL Cotton Tights
  • 544 COSY Crochet Tights …(have these, love love these!)
  • 592 SOFTNESS Crochet Tights

Available from Fogal & Fogal World

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