Fogal Flagship Store Opening in Zurich…

fogal-flagship-00Fogal stores are getting a new look. The centerpiece is in Switzerland…

All this beauty, time, effort & expense on behalf of hosiery… Sometimes the world just works the way it’s supposed to, you know…


Flagship-Store Opening in Zürich
By FOGAL On 31. Oktober 2011

FOGAL stores are getting a new look. The centerpiece is in Switzerland – the Fogal flagship store in the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, with its floor area doubled to around 100 square meters.

fogal-flagship-01 fogal-flagship-02 fogal-flagship-03

An intimate interior, one which gives the hosiery and knitwear a special setting. Cozy elegance is the description which comes immediately to mind. The color scheme is champagne gold and taupe, while cream leather and filigree metal decorations give the interior its discreet charm. Restrained lighting and sand-colored stucco walls create an ambience of discretion. In 2011/2012 there will be more than 10 openings in new design.

Snaps from the opening gala (where’s my invité?)

fogal-flagship-04 fogal-flagship-05 fogal-flagship-06
fogal-flagship-07 fogal-flagship-08 fogal-flagship-09


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