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casadei-00Speaking of “Casadei,” how about a tasteful selection from their current and past lookbooks to introduce you to yet another of Italy’s little fashion gems..

You can discover more of their wonderful footwear in my Shopping Section

“Casadei was founded in 1958,in a small workshop in San Mauro Pascoli, where Quinto and Flora Casadei created the first collection of sandals designed for tourists holidaying on the Italian Riviera. It was the time of the economic boom and the “Made-in-Italy” miracle. In just ten years, the workshop was transformed into a small, highly specialized footwear business which exported its products to Germany and the USA.”

casadei-01 casadei-02 casadei-03 casadei-04 casadei-05
casadei-06 casadei-07 casadei-08 casadei-09 casadei-10
casadei-11 casadei-12 casadei-13 casadei-14 casadei-15

“During the Seventies, its growth continued with the first advertising campaigns, exports to Japan and the opening, in 1977, of its first single-brand store in Brussels. The Eighties, instead, saw consolidation of the brand on international markets including, first and foremost, the Middle East.”

casadei-16 casadei-17 casadei-18 casadei-19 casadei-20
casadei-21 casadei-22 casadei-23 casadei-24 casadei-25
casadei-26 casadei-27 casadei-28 casadei-29 casadei-30

“Today, Casadei continues to create footwear that becomes the interpreter of seasons, of changing fashions and tastes, of new street trends and moods, and which epitomizes the diverse takes on elegance and femininity, seduction and glamour.”

casadei-31 casadei-32 casadei-33 casadei-34 casadei-35
casadei-36 casadei-37 casadei-38 casadei-39 casadei-40
casadei-41 casadei-42 casadei-43 casadei-44 casadei-45

If a picture is worth 1,000 words than this short video about the history of the company must be worth at least one pair of heels!
Casadei History
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casadei-46 casadei-47 casadei-48 casadei-49 casadei-50
casadei-51 casadei-52 casadei-53 casadei-54 casadei-55

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3 thoughts on “Shopping Addiction – Casadei…

  1. MaryBeth

    Ohhhhh… I had not previously considered Casadei shoes – but they are definitely on my radar now! I am a Schutz girl, through and through, and I dread the day they realize what a truly amazing product line they have, and hike the prices. I also recently purchased my first pair of Cazabat wedges, via eBay, and I am in LOVE. I say ‘first pair’, because I definitely will be back for more.

    Casadei is regularly not in my price range, but I think I am going to make a quick visit to eBay very soon, and do some browsing…

    I have been an avid fan of your blog for some months now, but this is my first comment, and I have a request: with the holidays coming up, obviously it’s time to break out the fancy footwear and dresses. Every retail store and style blogger out there seems to pair their fancy dresses and heels with bare legs. In winter! Would you consider writing an article on hosiery options for fancy occasions, in cold weather? There must be some fantastic options that aren’t opaque or naked.

    1. aubadegirl Post author

      First of all thanks! Secondly, you are awesome! You also worship Wolford, appreciate Dune, have a sense of humor on the same resonant frequency as mine (putting hand signs on the “CF” clown doll would have been my first impulse as well!), you appear to have an overabundance of creativity and you can’t get enough shoes… Are we clones? Anyhow… As to your request, I would love to whip up a little something about fancy dress hosiery but only on one condition… You must consider expanding La Belle Demimondaine… It’s awesome! You have so much to offer and entertain us with… Please enilighten us (well me) with more! Et, vous parlez un peu français! Clones! Duh!… Chow (for now!)… -aubadegirl

  2. MaryBeth

    You are so sweet, thank you! The creepy little clown doll has a part two that I eventually need to write. Highly entertaining, and even more inappropriate. It involved a discount knock-off of a Care Bear…


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