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sa hyd-00If your not looking overseas for great fashions and style, you’re selling yourself short. As if one doesn’t need an excuse beyond ‘it’s there’ to visit Italy, there’s always “Hyd!” Magnificent nylon elegance for your legs…

Hyd was founded in Catalonia, Spain in by designer Claudio Gazzotti who is originally from Mantua, Italy. Claudio named the brand ‘Hyd’ after “Hyde Park’, in Oxford as a tribute to his earlier time spent in England. Claudio resides in Barcelona from where he develops and designs his lines, while the entire production process is completed in the Lombardy region of Italy.

Hyd stands for luxury and excellence in the hosiery world. They operate with the highest standards when it comes to choice of materials, finishing and innovative designs. All materials used have been proven completely eco-sustainable. They also offer one of the widest ranges of colors on the market.

Hyd has managed to perfectly combine the latest technology with the best and most innovative fibers to make each of its lines unique. 100% Made in Italy! Check out a small sample of thier beautiful hosiery!…

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sa hyd-05 sa hyd-06 sa hyd-07 sa hyd-08
sa hyd-09 sa hyd-10 sa hyd-11 sa hyd-12
sa hyd-13 sa hyd-14 sa hyd-15 sa hyd-16
sa hyd-17 sa hyd-18 sa hyd-19 sa hyd-20
sa hyd-21 sa hyd-22 sa hyd-23 sa hyd-24
sa hyd-25 sa hyd-26 sa hyd-27 sa hyd-28
sa hyd-29 sa hyd-30 sa hyd-31 sa hyd-32
sa hyd-33 sa hyd-34 sa hyd-35 sa hyd-36
sa hyd-37 sa hyd-38 sa hyd-39 sa hyd-40
sa hyd-41 sa hyd-42 sa hyd-43 sa hyd-44

Hyd Hosiery Of Italy…

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