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SIL Seamed-00They say the simplest answer is usually the correct one. And, for seamed stockings, the simplest answer is “Secrets In Lace.”

I started out searching for seamed stockings. I have owned several pairs of SIL stockings and loved them all. I knew at the outset that SIL has a wide range of luxurious stockings, nonetheless I started my search elsewhere. I spent several hours perusing through my (very large) regimen of hosiery boutiques searching to fill my whim for seams. Indeed, I found several pairs that met my expectations. After a long afternoon looking, and several glasses of wine, I decided to wrap up my efforts with the obligatory stop at their store.

And, as I stated previously… the simplest answer is usually the correct one!

What was I thinking? Why didn’t I start where I ended? Sure, I had a good time looking. But in the end, I filled my third drawer (third drawer is all seamed) with Secrets In Lace. I should have known better and next time I will…

SIL is pricey but their quality and elegance are worth every single penny. I bought more than enough to last me a very long time… I suppose I’ll just have to opt for seams more than I usually do to get my money’s worth!

Do yourself a favor and don’t make the same mistake I did. Start where I ended! Here’s a preview of their current line to get you started. Enjoy!…


Premier French Heel (style 9500)

SIL Seamed-01 SIL Seamed-02 SIL Seamed-03 SIL Seamed-04

Natalie Diamond Heel (style 9540)

SIL Seamed-05 SIL Seamed-06 SIL Seamed-07 SIL Seamed-08

Shiny Seamed Full Fashion (style 9555BR/BD)

SIL Seamed-09 SIL Seamed-10 SIL Seamed-11 SIL Seamed-12

Banbury French Heel (style 9580)

SIL Seamed-13 SIL Seamed-14 SIL Seamed-15 SIL Seamed-16

Elegance French Heel (style 9550)

SIL Seamed-17 SIL Seamed-18 SIL Seamed-19 SIL Seamed-20

Radiance Full Fashion (style 9520)

SIL Seamed-21 SIL Seamed-22 SIL Seamed-23 SIL Seamed-24

Glamour French Heel (style 9515)

SIL Seamed-25 SIL Seamed-26 SIL Seamed-27 SIL Seamed-28

Bridgette Stockings (style 9510)

SIL Seamed-29 SIL Seamed-30 SIL Seamed-31 SIL Seamed-32

Dana Glamour (style 9512)

SIL Seamed-33 SIL Seamed-34 SIL Seamed-35 SIL Seamed-36


Premier European Heel (style 9600)

SIL Seamed-37 SIL Seamed-38 SIL Seamed-39 SIL Seamed-40

Glamour European Heel (style 9615)

SIL Seamed-41 SIL Seamed-42 SIL Seamed-43 SIL Seamed-44

Elegance Euro Heel (style 9650)

SIL Seamed-45 SIL Seamed-46 SIL Seamed-47 SIL Seamed-48

Gennia Full Fashion (style 9660)

SIL Seamed-49 SIL Seamed-50 SIL Seamed-51 SIL Seamed-52

Eva Outline Heel (style 9635)

SIL Seamed-53 SIL Seamed-54 SIL Seamed-55 SIL Seamed-56

Vintage Euro Heel (style 9690)

SIL Seamed-57 SIL Seamed-58 SIL Seamed-59 SIL Seamed-60


Glamour Spanish Heel (style 9415)

SIL Seamed-61 SIL Seamed-62 SIL Seamed-63 SIL Seamed-64

Elegance Spanish Heel (style 9450)

SIL Seamed-65 SIL Seamed-66 SIL Seamed-67 SIL Seamed-68


Vintage Dot Backseam RHT (style 9910S)

SIL Seamed-69 SIL Seamed-70 SIL Seamed-71 SIL Seamed-72


French Heel (style 9350D)

SIL Seamed-73 SIL Seamed-74 SIL Seamed-75 SIL Seamed-76

Diamond Backseam (style 9570D) – Daytime Glamour (style 9357D)

SIL Seamed-77 SIL Seamed-78 SIL Seamed-79 SIL Seamed-80

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