When Men Are Pigs, Cry Then Shop…

A few weeks ago I’m on a business trip in Chicago with a few of my male colleagues, (BTW I am the boss!) Now I work in a heavily male-dominated field and have no problems making them look bad with my hard work, long hours, spectacular performance, great attitude and fantastic style (of course).

I may dress to please but never put anything other than pure professionalism out there. I can be fun and personable without being flirtatious or trying to be one of the “guys”. I NEVER mix business with pleasure (I save the flirtation for when I ditch them after the meetings end and go “exploring” the town on my own!)

So we’re sitting there having a drink in the hotel before we split up for the night (discussing the next day) when one of them says something to the cocktail waitress that I simply cannot repeat here! Something sexist, demeaning, rude and way out of bounds. Right in front of me, like I’m not there! Like it won’t piss me or any other woman off who happens to overhear. She walks off, goes to the bar and breaks down. The three of them laugh and sip their drinks. I get up, excuse myself, go to her, apologize and go up to my suite. I WILL fire someone at work for doing that (please have security escort Mr. So&So out of the building immediately!) but they can behave however they want “off the clock” and I can’t do a thing! Still I almost hit him square in the jaw.

I was so mad that when I closed the door to my room I started balling. After a very long, very hot shower and a few from the mini-bar I opened my laptop and went to Amazon. I was looking for one thing, sheer-dot thigh-hi’s (for those of you who don’t know, try finding this style of hosiery – basically impossible!) Bam! there they were and on sale too!!! Being the impulse-shopper-girl I am I began the daisy chain, bargain hunting, trance-like state I sometimes fall into. The results of my cyberspace-meandering are below. BTW, total time, one hour, total bill with shipping, $67.48. Am I good or what!

Oh yeah, the best part, she saw me in the lobby the next afternoon and invited me out. We hit the town the next night (as I was staying the weekend anyway to play) and we had a B-L-A-S-T dancing! I checked out of the hotel, crashed with her two nights and treated her to a weekend out on town for the room and board. You’re awesome Danielle! Please come see me soon!!!

Finally to the good stuff:

  • Thigh-hi Stockings (nude w/ contrasting black seam) 6 pair (Victoria’s) – WOW!
  • Thigh-hi Stockings (black pin-dot) 5 pair (Victoria’s) – Triple WOW!!!
  • Thigh-hi Stockings (black sexy lace-top) 1 pair (Victoria’s) – Never Enough!
  • Thigh-hi Stockings (barely there lace-top) 1 pair (Silk Reflections) – 4 Work
  • Thigh-hi Stockings (little color lace-top) 1 pair (Silk Reflections) – 4 Work
  • Thigh-hi Stockings (nude w/ contrasting seam) 5 pair (Berkshire) – WOW WOW
  • Flawless Fit Thong (Black/Sheer Latte) 2-pack (Barely There) – “Latte”!!!
  • Flawless Fit Thong (Soft Taupe/Denim Wash) 2-pack (Barely There) – “Denim”!!!
  • Spandex Jersey Tank Thong (Bullseye) (American Apparel) – I LOVE “AA”
  • Micro-Mesh Low Slung Panty (Nude) 2 pair (American Apparel) – Yummy!!!!
  • Cotton Sporty String Bikinis (Assorted Colors) 3 pair (Hanes) – Comfy!
  • Cotton Fashion Thongs (Assorted Colors) 4-pack (Fruit Of The Loom) – Ditto!

All totally random shopping, but boy I felt better afterwards…

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