Shoe Fetish: Guess Erinna Open-Toe Pumps…

GUESS Erinna Open-Toe Pumps” – I picked up black multi and orange fabric. Wow, what can I say about these, they are beautiful, sleek, sexy, sophisticated, stylish, versatile and believe it or not, they truly are some of the most comfortable stilettos I have ever worn (open-toes at least!)

These are DEFINATELY not for work but paired with a long slinky dress, elegant skirt or even a great top and jeans (like I said they’re versatile) they will make you (and especially me) really stand out in a crowd. BTW it’s always a good idea to paint your toes for peeps!

One thing I really love about these (the orange in particular) is their uniqueness. Great shoes that are entirely different from anything you (or others around you) have, basically make you totally different from everyone else. You wouldn’t believe how many people comment on my shoes and can’t believe that I continuously manage to come up with unique (and always great) footwear. And of course, I have absolutely gorgeous feet…

Available at Guess, Amazon, & Endless

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