I’m Back! & The Dam Is About To Crack!…

Well, here I am! After a short (90 day) hiatus I have returned to inform, amuse, entertain, abuse, release, let go, critique, and show, to teach you style, with words beguile and show you things that make me smile, to make you laugh, to make you cry and hope you never say goodbye, to share my life and share my dreams including rants and raves and screams, I’ll always give you all I’ve got and hope my readers learn a lot, to dress you up and tear you down and show you how to get around, my favorite meals and shopping deals (the best of which are really steals!), announcements of my favorite shows, my music, movies and of course my clothes, my most fantastic boots and shoes that ALWAYS drive away my blues, and finally I would have to say I hope my blog will make your day, if not you should consider this, a well-dressed woman feels like bliss, so stay or go I just don’t know, the things you read and see and learn perhaps will make your senses burn, my posts will make you fashion smart, and maybe one day I’ll break your heart….. Naaaaah!!!!!

I’ve had a VERY sick family member that has taken me away from the world plus I have been absolutely BURIED with work and traveling (for work) so my passions have had to take a back seat. But, with all that said and no further gilding the lily I am back behind the wheel now so please, read on!!! (& rock on if you’re so inclined…..I am!)

Avec tout mon amour! – aubadegirl

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