The Lingerie Handbook…

lingerie handbook-00“Rebecca Apsan is the lingerie evangelist. She knows that intimate apparel has the power to transform. That the right bra affects not only look, but outlook. That sexy silk or lace are feminine armor, offering a soft layer of protection against life’s vicissitudes.

“Her New York City store, ‘La Petite Coquette’ draws shoppers from around the world – and not just the celebrities who swear by it. New York Magazine sings her praises as “the best bra-fitter in the country.The Wall Street Journal wrote up her role in catapulting Hanky-Panky thongs onto every well-dressed woman’s must have list. She provided all the intimate apparel for “Sex & The City.” And now Rebecca Apsan is ready to divulge thirty years of wisdom and insider information about how underclothes can make the woman.”

lingerie handbook-01“For a world where 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, “The Lingerie Handbook” is a complete tops-to-bottoms guide to bras, panties, slips, sleepwear, shapewear, stockings, teddies, camisoles and accessories. There’s the how-to on proper fit, including before and after photographs plus guides to matching the right underwear to different outfits. Also, straightforward advice on shopping, cleaning, organizing, and storing. Finally, sections on Inspiration: how to cure body-image hang-ups by finding the right undergarments & Romance: how to find your own inner flirt, develop a unique style and, when the occasion is right, how to dress to undress.”

The Lingerie Handbook ” by Rebecca Apsan &Sarah Stark

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