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Stockingirl-00If you’re not a lover of stockings you might rethink your outlook after perusing the luxurious offerings from “StockinGirl”One of my absolutely favorite places to shop!

You have my deepest apologies for I have waited far too long to bring you this fabulous, fantastic (and fully fashioned!) boutique. StockinGirl has so many options for your legs, many of which are fully customizable which is simply just plain fun. I find their quality to be very good and their price range runs right down the middle as hosiery goes. I’ve purchased a wide variety of their offerings over the years and I’ve yet to have a single complaint.

In addition to stockings they have a limited offering of garter belts, cinchers, lingerie and related accessories but their hosiery is really their area of expertise. Their offerings include:

  • Bridal Hosiery
  • Designer Stockings & Thigh Highs
  • Fashion Hosiery & Thigh Highs
  • Luxury Stockings & Pantyhose
  • Lace & Fishnet Pantyhose
  • Luxury Italian Hosiery
  • RHT Stockings & Thigh Highs
  • Fully Fashioned Stockings & Thigh Highs
  • Seamed Stockings & Thigh Highs
  • Nylon Hosiery & Stockings
  • Seasonal Thigh Highs, Stockings & Tights
  • Silk Hosiery, Thigh Highs & Stockings
  • Wool, Cotton, Bamboo & Warm tights
  • Garter Belts & Cinchers

Below I’ve given you a huge selection of their current offering to wet your whistle. Unfortunately these plates aren’t up to my usual standards (in terms of size or quality) but what can a girl do? I’m very neurotic in my work… You’ll just have to shop, see (and feel) for yourself!

Stockingirl-01 Stockingirl-02 Stockingirl-03 Stockingirl-04
Stockingirl-05 Stockingirl-06 Stockingirl-07 Stockingirl-08
Stockingirl-09 Stockingirl-10 Stockingirl-11 Stockingirl-12
Stockingirl-13 Stockingirl-14 Stockingirl-15 Stockingirl-16
Stockingirl-17 Stockingirl-18 Stockingirl-19 Stockingirl-20
Stockingirl-21 Stockingirl-22 Stockingirl-23 Stockingirl-24
Stockingirl-25 Stockingirl-26 Stockingirl-27 Stockingirl-28
Stockingirl-29 Stockingirl-30 Stockingirl-31 Stockingirl-32
Stockingirl-33 Stockingirl-34 Stockingirl-35 Stockingirl-36
Stockingirl-37 Stockingirl-38 Stockingirl-39 Stockingirl-40
Stockingirl-41 Stockingirl-42 Stockingirl-43 Stockingirl-44
Stockingirl-45 Stockingirl-46 Stockingirl-47 Stockingirl-48
Stockingirl-49 Stockingirl-50 Stockingirl-51 Stockingirl-52
Stockingirl-53 Stockingirl-54 Stockingirl-55 Stockingirl-56
Stockingirl-57 Stockingirl-58 Stockingirl-59 Stockingirl-60
Stockingirl-61 Stockingirl-62 Stockingirl-63 Stockingirl-64
Stockingirl-65 Stockingirl-66 Stockingirl-67 Stockingirl-68
Stockingirl-69 Stockingirl-70 Stockingirl-71 Stockingirl-72
Stockingirl-73 Stockingirl-74 Stockingirl-75 Stockingirl-76

And, just for fun, a small sampling of their Garter Belts & Cinchers…

Stockingirl-77 Stockingirl-78 Stockingirl-79 Stockingirl-80
Stockingirl-81 Stockingirl-82 Stockingirl-83 Stockingirl-84
Stockingirl-85 Stockingirl-86 Stockingirl-87 Stockingirl-88
Stockingirl-89 Stockingirl-90 Stockingirl-91 Stockingirl-92
Stockingirl-93 Stockingirl-94 Stockingirl-95 Stockingirl-96
Stockingirl-97 Stockingirl-98 Stockingirl-99

Available From StockinGirl

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