Shoe Fetish: Schutz Somer Peep-Toes…

Schutz Somer-00Clickity click, click, click… I like these “Schutz Somer Peep-Toes” so much, I bought myself two pair!

Rather than boring you with my constant blabbing about how absolutely wonderful Schutz is, (oops I did it again… Sorry!) I’ll just focus on functionality here.

These are fantastic for the office and any color you choose will pair nicely with a multitude of outfit styles, colors or occasions. For those ultra-conservative settings it’s usually better to stay away from the open-toe styles and opt more for an almond or traditional, closed-toe pump. But, if your day simply involves the mundane 9 to 5 (or in my case 5 to 9) rigmarole, feel free to spice things up a bit and show off your beautifully painted toes!

Oh, and I gotta do this… If you choose wear peep toes to the office (or any place for that matter) PLEASE be sure to select sheer-toe stockings if you opt to wear hosiery! Otherwise it’s just tacky. Of course, retro dress with fully-fashioned stockings is the exception to this rule but otherwise please, for Christmas sake, look down when you dress in the morningI digress…

Schutz Somer-01 Schutz Somer-02 Schutz Somer-03
Schutz Somer-04 Schutz Somer-05 Schutz Somer-06
Schutz Somer-07 Schutz Somer-08 Schutz Somer-09
Schutz Somer-10 Schutz Somer-11 Schutz Somer-12
Schutz Somer-13 Schutz Somer-14 Schutz Somer-15
Schutz Somer-16 Schutz Somer-17 Schutz Somer-18
  • High heel peep-toe pumps
  • Leather upper
  • Leather insole & sole
  • 4¾” covered heel
  • 1¼” hidden platform
  • Available in bellini, metallic & black patent leather

Available From Schutz

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