Parah Lingerie 2015 Lookbook…

Parah LB15-00Take in all the succulent Italian lingerie currently available from Parah! Sweet selections from the “Parah Lingerie 2015 Lookbook”

“Parah was founded in the 1950s and became a huge success in the fashion industry in the 1970s.  It was in the 1970s that Parah became a leading brand in Italian fashion, a refined brand with garments that emphasized a woman’s femininity.”

“Parah pays the utmost attention to fashion trends and has accompanied and interpreted the changes in the world of women with its swimwear and underwear collections, continually updating its style and ensuring the finest quality in the production and craftsmanship of its products. Every step of the production process, from style design to manufacturing with cutting-edge machinery, is done in Italy so Parah can guarantee its customers products that are 100% Made in Italy.”

Parah LB15-01 Parah LB15-02 Parah LB15-03
Parah LB15-04 Parah LB15-05 Parah LB15-06
Parah LB15-07 Parah LB15-08 Parah LB15-09
Parah LB15-10 Parah LB15-11 Parah LB15-12
Parah LB15-13 Parah LB15-14 Parah LB15-15
Parah LB15-16 Parah LB15-17 Parah LB15-18
Parah LB15-19 Parah LB15-20 Parah LB15-21
Parah LB15-22 Parah LB15-23 Parah LB15-24
Parah LB15-25 Parah LB15-26 Parah LB15-27
Parah LB15-28 Parah LB15-29 Parah LB15-30
Parah LB15-31 Parah LB15-32 Parah LB15-33
Parah LB15-34 Parah LB15-35 Parah LB15-36
Parah LB15-37

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